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 Holly Amelia F Sycamore Evie-May H
 Hazel Ruby Rose W Beech Lily H
 Chestnut Oliver G Maple Mehmetali B
 Elm Rio-Jay H Yew Lily C
Willow Riley M Oak Charlie B



Well done to all of the children who read at least 4 times a week at home last week.       Top readers     Beech 90%     Chestnut 57%


Best Attendance for week ending 6th May

1st   Oak   96.70%         2nd   Maple 99.40%


School came second in the indoor athletics and the Shrewsbury team won overall at the Shropshire Sports Festival


15th January 2019 - 46 children will receive a 100% attendance certificate for this academic year so far. Well done all of you.

. . .

 Best Attendance for the last week of half term:
98.89% Hazel                     98.15% Willow