Sycamore Class started to create the different body parts for our whole class Junk Iron Man! We made the classroom very messy but had lots of fun designing and making in our groups. 
Eventually, we will be painting our body parts and joining them together to make one very big Junk Iron Man!

Thank you to everyone who

attended the Book Fair.

We raised £370 to spend

on books for school!

Samba Workshop
As a thank you for all the support Grange Primary give to the Shropshire Music Service,
they treated the children on Monday to a Samba Workshop day.Mr Banks a professional
drummer dazzled the children with his amazing collection of samba instruments and
even got our year 6’s performing in our whole school assembly! He was very impressed with
both the behaviour and the standard of musical ability that the children.
Last week the Amaven Sports Company came in and ran workshops with all children from reception to year 6. Sessions were designed to enable children to practice skills in all areas of their physical development. The children all worked hard in the sessions and had a lot of fun!




'Sycamore's fun Maths lesson on measuring and comparing different lengths!'


On Friday 9th February a small group of Phase 2 children were invited to attend the KS1 OAA Festival at Sundorne Games Hall.  Along with groups of children from other local schools, they completed a circuit of four stations involving orienteering and team building activities.  The activities included basic map reading, treasure hunts, communication skills, solving challenges as a team, compass directions, listening and observational skills.
The children had lots of fun, worked brilliantly together and behaved impeccably throughout.  Well done!"


Sycamore Class enjoying a fun afternoon of

Stone Age crafts and activities thanks to the

Shropshire Hills Discovery Center.


More photos..



The Danceathon

was a massive success 

and we raised a

staggering £231 for

Hope House



On Friday 23rd March we took part in Sport Relief where On the Move Education sports coaches came in and did some activities with the children on the field which was great fun!  More photos




Easter Bingo - well done everybody we made £372.18 profit on the night. 

A big thank you to all of the parents that attended and the parents who donated eggs on Mufti day.  Yesterday we had Key Strings in and this Bingo money has paid for that!!


 We all had a great time at our Mother's Day event. 

We got to make crafts like cards and flower button bookmarks.

(More pics on the Gallery)




Some children visited Shrewsbury

High School to take part in Maths

in Motion.

We have



Tennis training!

Bringing Books to Life dance workshop

West End in Schools visited us today and every class had a workshop. The children used their imaginations to think about a story from a book and develop language, movement and dance.

The children were brilliant and the workshops were fabulous.




Some children were chosen to go to Waterstones book shop with Mrs Summers and Miss Oakley to spend their World Book Day vouchers.

We were lucky enough to have an interactive performance from the Palisander Recorder

Ensemble this week.

It was great fun and we were offered cut

price tickets to attend their evening

performance at the Lion Hotel.


Polar Explorers Day

Oak and Rowan Class enjoyed the Polar Explorer Day on Tuesday 6th February. We enjoyed learning about different animals that live in the polar regions and exploring clothes that people would wear to keep warm. Spencer looked very warm in his polar explorer coat outside in the snow!

QUOTES: "The polar bear has a thick fur coat so he keeps out the cold," said Emmie-Mae.

"The polar bears live on the ice and hunt for food," said Elijah.

"Penguins live in the water and the land, they get fish out of the water," said Olly.

  Sycamore Class                 The winners of the boat competition were:
Tyler M,  Rio-Jay H,  Lunar-May D,  Jessica J   -   They managed to have a floating boat and save 74 people!!
   Image result for cartoon dinosaurPhase Two Shrewsbury Museum Workshop Image result for cartoon dinosaur
On Friday 19th January, we had a visit from Shrewsbury Museum and we learnt all about dinosaurs. The children found out a lot of facts about dinosaurs and fossils (they even became Dino hunters). They then took part in a range of activities including; digging up fossils, painting fossils and sorting fossils into where they would have lived. All the children really enjoyed the activities and are now Dino experts.

Phase One-Phase 1 are continuing to enjoy their under the sea topic, including information writing, making paper bowl jellyfish or clay fish and role-playing as mermaids and pirates! In Maths we have been continuing to learn to count objects accurately and to recognise number patterns.
Phase Two- Phase 2 were very lucky to be involved in a workshop about dinosaurs and fossils that Shrewsbury Museum came in to do with us last week - children really enjoyed the activities especially using brushes to reveal dinosaur bones hidden in sand. This week we have been busy making dinosaur biscuits to the whole school - yummy! We have also been finishing our stories based on the book Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson.
Phase Three-Phase 3 really enjoyed their trip to the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre. We learnt lots about the Stone Age way of life and even got to look at a replica mammoth skeleton! Back at school we have been writing recounts of the trip. In Maths we have been revising ways we can add and subtract two digit numbers.
Phase Four- Phase 4 have been writing innovated stories of the Lost Thing. In Science, they have started their topic space and Year 6 have been learning about different techniques to create texture within watercolour

Phase One-We have been using an information book to find out about fish body parts and we have used what we have learnt to label a fish picture for our classroom. We have also started to make Jelly fish out of paper bowls for our under the sea area.

Phase Two- Phase 2 have been sharing the story Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson. This week we have been exploring and discussing the story, creating story maps and beginning to retell the story. We have also been doing our very own cave paintings.

Phase Three- In guided reading phase 3 have been exploring information books about the Stone Age. In our English lessons we have been writing character descriptions based on Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. In maths we have been practising adding and subtracting fractions.

Phase Four- Last week, Phase 4 were learning about poetry on the theme of Space linking to their new topic. They revised language and poetry terminology. This week we have begun the start of a three week unit on narrative based on the book, The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. In Maths, Year 5 have been bar modelling and Year 6 have been developing their conceptual understanding of fractions.

We had a visit

from Santa!

Christmas Market
We have now collected in all the money from the hampers and Christmas Market and the total amount raised was £1149 pure profit. A massive thank you to all parents and especiall your ‘Friends of Grange Primary’ for all your
hard work once again.
Carols Around The Tree
Although our carol concert had to be inside this year and it was ‘very cosy’ for both the children and parents in the hall, the snow certainly didn’t manage to spoil the show!!!!
Our incredibly talented children dazzled the audience once again!!! Beautiful singing by everyone, very brave soloists and wonderful clear speaking!! I think the children would agree that Mrs Summers, Miss Oakley and Mr Evans dressed as camels was definitely the highlight of the show!!! A big well done to everyone!!!
What ‘STARS’ our amazing infants were this week in their nativity production of The Innkeepers Breakfast!
Fabulous singing, dancing, reading and acting!!! The teachers were all very proud as I’m sure the parents
were too!! Well done you are all superstars!!!! Please have a look at our website for photographs.
Phase Updates
Phase One-Phase 1 have enjoyed performing as Cowboys and Cowgirls and Angels in this years nativity
‘The Innkeepers Breakfast’.
Phase Two- Phase 2 were really excited about our special visitor this week - Santa. Hopefully children
will enjoy sharing their books with you at home. We have also really enjoyed taking part in our Nativity
Performance - we are so proud of all the children for their fantastic performances.
Phase Three- Phase 3 have been putting the finishing touches to our Roman Mosaics and have been
busy preparing for Christmas
Phase Four- Phase 4 have been writing adverts to save mythical beasts looking at how to persuade their
audience with rhetorical questions and emotive language. They have been very mature because they have
worked hard to finish their unit of learning after the snow days. Well done Phase 4! We wish you a
fabulous holiday break and look forward to the new term!

Christmas Fair - we have raised over £700 so far. 

The hotdogs were absolutely delicious.

We saw Santa and visited his Grotto.

We loved the Lucky Dip.

Arthog       All of the children took part in every activity on offer.  We did challenges at the centre including a night line and orienteering. We went to the beach to do rock climbing, look around the rock pools and build a bonfire. We also did some plastic collecting and talked about conservation and the problem of single use plastics. 

Children in Need

 Well done to all children who took part in our cake sale yesterday and to all those who donated cakes for us to sell . All children wore spots and stripes today and we raised a total amount of £210. Thank you everyone.

On Friday the 3rd 10 year six children went to Belvidere Senior School for a workshop that Richard Frostick hosted.

At the first break most of the girls decided to do their homework!

At second break SOMEONE took SEVEN Custard Creams between three boys!

Three people did a solo and lots of our children answered many questions.

One of the children met up with their best friend from another school.

And it was very very very fun.


Click on picture for more

Today is Halloween and remember Thursday is our Halloween disco. A bit late I know but it will be great.

Image result for halloween

We had a cinema night. Key Stage 1 watched Despicable Me. Phase 3 watched Ice Age and Phase 4 watched the Lego Batman movie.

We had popcorn and drinks.

We raised money for School Funds.

We have been to Emmanuel Church to celebrate Harvest Festival

Phase Updates

Phase One-Phase 1 have been looking at the story Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt. This week we have created a story map and have been learning to retell the story. Next week we are going to be making our very own telescopes and taking them with us to visit the park and see what we can see.

Phase Two-In Phase 2 we have been busy learning all about the numbers 1 - 5 and investigating them in a variety of ways. Holly and Hazel classes have been writing their own version of The Three Little Pigs and all classes have been preparing for next week's Harvest Service.

 Phase Three- Phase 3 have been editing, redrafting and publishing instructions to make a Roman shield. In Maths we have been exploring the different ways we can multiply and divide. This week we will be working on writing our own scientific instructions, as well as preparing art work and poetry for Harvest.

Phase Four- Phase 4 have been writing about their own innovated machines and explaining how they work. They are then going to learn what they have used to explain how and why mummification took place. In Maths, Year 6 have been taking part in assessments to check their understanding and Year 5 have been learning about multiples, square numbers and prime numbers and the relationship between them.

  Image result for autumn tree      Harvest Festival       Image result for oliver twist

In the harvest festival  next week  there will be a part of Oliver Twist   and art work about Autumn.  

Next week is the harvest festival in the church next to school. Parents of KS 2 please come its 1:30 pm on Thursday and parents of KS 1 yours is on Wednesday at 1.30.

Phase Four

This week we cut  up a pigs heart which was a bit gooey.

The teachers let us choose if we wanted to see it or not.

It had black veins and we could see all of the tubes of the heart.

Image result for cartoon heart

Electing our School Councillors

'Thank you to all children (and the parents that helped them) that ran for school council and produced really well thought out speeches. 'Election Day' was a huge success and all classes really got into the spirit of it! 

 Every single class had lots of confident candidates and all of the children secretly voted for who they thought would be the best school councilor to represent them and their class. They then put their vote in the ballot boxes around school. 

 On Wednesday 20th September I had some sensible Year 5 and 6 children who came and helped me count the votes. They were then sworn to secrecy on the outcome...

 Thursday 21st September - results day! The following children are now our brand new school councilors for the year and I know that they will all be fantastic:

 Year 6, Yew Class - Dylan M and Eloise C

Year 5, Beech Class - Emily H and Daniel B

Year 5, Maple Class - Jay L and Keezia E

Year 4, Elm Class - Emily J and Adam R

Year 3, Sycamore Class - Luca Y

Year 3, Willow Class - Rylee F

Year 2, Chestnut Class - Leo H

Year 1/2, Hazel Class - Alfie-James E

Year 1, Holly Class - Tulisa-Lily D

 Thank you to everyone that voted, ran or helped. 

From Miss Blake.'

Phase One- Phase 1 - We have been very impressed with how our new Reception and Nursery children have settled in. This week we have been exploring our new classrooms, making new friends and have started looking at our topic 'Marvellous Me'.

Phase Two- We have been busy since returning back to school in Phase 2. All children are enjoying our talk for writing unit on Princess Chocolate in English - we are going to be writing our own version soon! In maths we have been learning about the value of numbers and how to form addition sentences.

Phase Three- Phase 3 have had a great start to the year and have been writing poems all about themselves. We have also started learning about the Romans, which is our history topic this term.

Phase Four- Phase 4 have been writing amazing Autumn poems. They have explored Autumn outside and different forms of imagery. In Maths, they have explored the value of numbers up to a million. They have also made blood this week!


Phase 1 have been looking at problem solving and working as a team with daily Maths,
design and construction challenges. We also had great fun sharing our 'On the Farm' musical performance with parents this week.

Phase 2 have enjoyed watching the Pied Piper of Hamelin. They have used the story to
invent their own version of the Pied Piper and finally invented their own traditional tale. In Maths, we have been working on our resilience in problem solving.

Phase 3-In Year 3 we have been collecting and presenting data in different forms for Maths.

Year 4 have been working on time.

Phase 4 - Year 6 have been finding out about Tudor Monarchs and the Battle of Bosworth. They also

gave a great performance in their Y6 play 'The Dress Rehearsal'

The year 6 show (The dress-rehearsal) was an amazing show

cast list

Posh fairy: Jessica.R

Not so posh fairy: Eavie.J

Boy fairy/sandy from Grease: Josh.R

Boy fairy/Danny from Grease:  Corey.F

Pink lady: Ellie.O

Pink lady: Ella.R

Pink lady: Micheal.B 

 Pink lady: Ausetja.P


Pink lady: Demi.R

Mr Needy: Nikki.J

Mrs Needy: Josh.M

Mark: Aaron.K

Joan:  Olivia H

Robin Hood/Batman:  Gerrard E

Moody Maid Marrion:  Jolie J

Football Maniac:  Amy G

Football Maniac/Merry Men:  Thomas J, Billy J, Thomas B and Matty P

Wicked Witch:  Ruby-Jean G

Witch:  Piper M

Catgirl:  Jessica M

Rover:  Matthew P


Summer Fayre

Soak the Teacher didn't last long because Mrs Allen-Brown ran away!

All of the musicians and singers did brilliantly.

The cupcakes were yummy and ran out too quickly.

The hotdogs were amazing and so was the candyfloss.

Sophie managed to Bat the Rat and win a prize.

There was Hook a Duck and Apple Bobbing too.

Phase Updates
Phase One- This week we have been exploring poetry. We have been listening to poems, solved and created our own riddles, performed a poem and had a go at writing a rhyming poem as part of a group.

Phase Two- Whilst Year 1 are in the middle of their end of year assessment week, Year 2 have started their traditional tale unit based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin. They have begun to learn the story. In the middle of theweek, we visited Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre to learn more about the animals living in different places like a pond, river and meadow.

Phase Three- Phase 3 have been busy doing assessments this week however we are designing some Anglo Saxon Jewellery in the afternoons and we are making photo frames to sell at the summer fayre.

Phase Four-Year 5 are enjoying their work on birds of prey and have been planning and writing their own non chronological reports. Year 6 have been working hard writing non - chronological reports on birds of prey following last week's special assembly. They're also busy learning their lines for their performance at the end of term.


On Tuesday a man came from The Welsh Birds Of Prey Center to show us some of the birds they have and tell us some about each bird! My favourite fact was The White Faced Scotts Owl was 7 years old and they are really small! One owl could go about 217 miles per hour!


Phase Updates

Phase One- Phase 1 - We really enjoyed our trip to Home Farm at the beginning of the week and we have been busy back in the classroom creating photograph timelines, writing a recount about our day at the farm and also writing a class information book about the farm animals that we saw.

Phase Two-Year 1 have been learning to group numbers to divide using an array. Holly class and Chestnut English group have also been writing explanation texts for the life cycle of a butterfly or a frog. Year 2 have been applying their estimating skills to add and subtract using a number line.

Phase Three- This week children have been writing and performing playscripts.

Phase Four- Year 6 are studying the narrative film 'The Alchemist's Letter' in English and have enjoyed their trip to Crucial Crew. Year 5 have been enjoying their work on writing to persuade and have been writing articles encouraging people to visit Shrewsbury.

On Tuesday we went to Maths in Motion at Shrewsbury High Prep School! We had to design our cars and program them to make sure we didn't crash and to try to win! At the end of the day the cars were put into a race! We came 8th out of 17, which a very good score! Everyone got a notebook and we had a very fun day! Shrewsbury High Prep School said 'We would like to thank you for attending our Maths in Motion day today and please pass on our thanks to your pupils who were a credit to your school.'

On Friday we went to a recorder workshop at St Georges School! On the journey in Mrs Allen-Brown's camper-van we had some snacks and listened to music!  

Sycamore class had great fun making volcanoes.


We attended an orchestral workshop at Meole Brace Primary School with Alison Stephens.

Phase Updates

Phase One- This week we are looking at doubling, halving and sharing in maths. We are also continuing to observe and record changes as our bean plants grow and we are planting more vegetables in our garden area.

Phase Two- This week, Year 1 and 2 have been working really hard on their calculations. Year 1 and some of Year 2 have been learning about grouping lots; the rest of Year 2 have been writing number sentences for addition and subtraction then solving missing numbers Phase Three- This week

Phase 3 have been researching different aspects of Volcanoes and report Writing. Phase Four-

Phase 4 enjoyed a wonderful day at Shrewsbury Museum on Tuesday. They took part in some medieval and Tudor workshops in the museum and also had a Tudor themed guided tour around town. Why don't you ask your child what interesting facts they learned on the day?

Phase 4 enjoyed a wonderful day

at Shrewsbury Museum on Tuesday.

They took part in some medieval and

Tudor workshops in the museum and

also had a Tudor themed guided tour

around town. Why don't you ask your

child what interesting facts they

learned on the day?

Image result for rebec instrument

We had visit from Keystrings today. They were really funny and really good and they took us back in time. There were instruments from many years ago.   We really liked the violin and the rebec.

They taught us a lot about music but they are also a really funny comedy act.  

Children from Rowan, Oak and Sapling Classes went on a trip to Chirk Castle on Monday this week.

There was great excitement on the coach as we approached the gates and had our first glimpse of the castle at the top of the hill. We had lots of fun climbing the stone staircase to the top of Adams Tower and most of us were brave enough to venture down to the very dark, cold, dungeon. We spent time exploring the courtyard and the children were particularly keen to put each other in the stocks! We enjoyed exploring the gardens and the chance to have a run around, the sun even came out for us. In the afternoon, we looked around the staterooms and children were fascinated by the armour, old books, chandeliers and gold decorations. There were lots of very sleepy children on the coach on the way home after such an exciting and enjoyable day.

Children from Phase 3 went to The Emmanuel Church on Mount Pleasant road for a Messy Church session.

Reading View. Press Alt Shift A for accessibility help.

Mrs Morrison’s Attendance Competition

KS1- To draw a picture about why it is important to come to school every day.

KS2- To draw a picture or write a letter to Mrs Morrison telling her about why it is important to come to school every day and on time. 


Entries to the office by Friday 24th March with names on.

Vouchers for the winners!

This week we have been learning about staying 

safe on the Internet.  We have done a poster for

homework and we have talked a lot about doing

the right thing online.

Lucy M. won our attendance prize

for the Autumn Term.

Mrs Nikki Morrison from

our Academy team came to award

the £100 voucher prize.



We had a fantastic performance of Follow that Camel

from Key Stage 1 children. The older children went

to watch it and thought it was ''amazing'' and ''funny''.


Yet again Grange Primary have dazzled the parents with their amazing talent at our Christmas Carol concert!


Our Cross Country team went to Shrewsbury Academy to take part in the Cross Country event.

    Image result for poppyAt 11 O'clock on 11th November all of Key Stage 2 children and staff gathered on the playground to remember the fallen, while listening to The Last Post played by Mrs Newby on her cornet.

Mrs Newby and the Last Post

Phase Three had a brilliant day visiting Cardingmill Valley. They found out lots of information about living things and found it all really interesting.

On Friday 23rd September we held our first ever Ground Force event. Some of our really helpful and generous families and staff came along to help tidy up the school grounds.


Some of the Year Six children have spent this week at the outward bound centre Arthog.

They all did lots of activities including rock climbing, gorge walking, surfing, canoeing, orienteering and more.

Everyone joined in with all of the activities and had a brilliant time.

See some photos here


On Sunday 3rd July, the advanced ukulele group went to Theatre Severn to perform in front of thousands of adults and children.

A lot of schools took part and they all enjoyed it. At the end of the performance everyone clapped and they all took a bow.                                     

On Saturday 25th June 2016, our singing club journeyed to Shrewsbury Food Festival to sing on the well-known Bandstand as part of the entertainment. We were accompanied by Harlescott Juniors. On the day of the performance, we had three amazing solo's sung by Joe Lace, Grange Primary, Gemma, Grange Secondary and Layla, Harelscot Juniors.  see here for some photos

We would like to welcome our new headteacher Mrs Summers. She use to work at Longlands Primary School but now works here at Grange Primary.  All the pupils and staff think she is really nice. 

Image result for smiley face emojis

We are sad to say that Friday 27th May 2016 will be the last day for our long lasting headteacher Mrs Sibley. We will all miss her so much as she has been teaching here at the Grange Primary School for 15 years. Mrs Sibley is moving to Qatar

On Mrs Sibley's last day the staff put on an Abba performance. It was so funny.

We are very lucky to be included on Shrewsbury Food Hub's list of places they donate food to. This means that volunteers collect surplus food from Marks and Spencer and deliver it to places that can use it. Other places they deliver to include The Ark, The Hospice, The Food Bank and some other school breakfast clubs.  We use this in Breakfast Club and our nurture group.

In Breakfast Club this week the children were having fun making Easter nests.

M and M Productions gave us a fabulous performance of 'A Little Princess'. Then some of us had a brilliant workshop with them.

Phase Three put on a fantastic performance showing many of the things they have been learning about.

This week we have had some special visitors as part of our 'Seize the day' week.

We had a visit from a helicopter and two pilots who came from RAF Shawbury. One of the pilots told us about how he had found school really hard and didn't do very well. 

One of our old pupils David Parton came in to tell us about his time at Oxford university studying Law. He talked about his time at our school and told us about lots of famous people who didn't go to university but had still achieved great things in their lives.

We also had Steve Worrall from the Fire Service talking to everyone which was great fun and we learnt a lot. He had left school with no qualifications but ended up being Assistant Chief Fire Officer at Shrewsbury fire station.

 The winner of our Attendance award for the Autumn Term was Erica. Erica won a lovely new bike by having attended school every day last term. Her name then went into a draw along with all of the other children with full attendance. 

Sad News  --  Mrs Broadhurst and Mrs Morris are leaving us this week. We are very sorry to see them go. They will be greatly missed. 



Orchestral Workshop

Alison Stevens recently came in to work with our top ukulele and recorder bands with several other primary schools in an orchestral workshop.

The children had lots of fun and then performed for their parents at the end of the afternoon.

 Sam Newth from Shropshire Music Service came in recently to work with all the children in Ks2 to develop their understanding of rhythm through a stomp workshop.

Last week Phase 2 had a lovely trip to Rays Farm. It was such a good day. We saw rabbits, owls, sheep, lambs, goats, kids, dogs, donkeys, reindeer, llama, horses and much more! Click on the picture to see more.


Our solo singing group went along to the B & M Superstore and sang Christmas songs for the customers and also joined in with some bag packing! Generous shoppers gave a total of £190 which we will use to in our music department.     More pics here

Children in Need Day  thumbnailCA3MFXW3.jpg

 We had Mufty day and some of us dressed up as Superheroes.

The whole school took part and we managed to raise £230 for Children in Need!

We came second in the competition to create a garden using bags. We got to visit the Council Chambers at the Guildhall to receive our prize. We were given some food and everyone clapped when we got our shield.  See more pictures here

The children who did Bikeability this week have all been amazing and done really well.

We a brilliant Seaside Day with donkeys, water fun, bouncy castles, sports and ice cream.