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Jennifer Dawn Riley <3


Hello welcome to my web page!

Every week I will keep you up to date of what we're doing and whats going on in past and future at the bottom of my page.

Blue Boy

Blue has many nicknames: Boo, Blue boy, Bluo. he is a staffordshire bull terrier and his birthday was 18th September 2013 in dog years he is 28 but he is 4.


Stella is my next door's dog. she is a staffordshire bull terrier and in dog years she is 21 but she is 3 and she shares the house with a cat called elsa.


kitty is my oldest cat i have had her since my birth and i love her.she is 1 year older than myself.


Merlin is my antie's other cat. he has scared off her other 5 male cats. and he also goes outside while night time


Halo is my oldest cat and i have had him since 2010. he has gone missing since octomber 2016 . he is also short hair cat


Tilly is my auntie's cat. she found her on the street in the rain and has took her in she is up to 8-9 weeks old. she is also a tabby.


Tango is my cat. he is a ginger tabby and is 1 year and 3 months. he has gone missing. he has to share the house with Halo my other cat and Kitty another one of my cat


Poppy Is my other neighbour's dog she is a rottweiler. poppy is a big long dog and she doesnt have to share the house only with 3 humans


Elsa is my neighbour's 1 year old cat. she is a tabby and loves to go out. she has to share the house with a staffordshire bull terrier dog and her name is stella

Last week was arthog,anti-bullying week and pudsey week. 16th of November was a cake sale and on 17th of November was another cake sale but it was mufti day as well.