Head teacher's welcome cont

Our school is organised into four 'Phases'. All of our classes are named after trees. Phase One comprises of Saplings, Oak and Rowan classes and has pupils from Foundation Stage and Year 1. Phase Two comprises of Holly and Hazel classes which both have Year 1 and 2 pupils in. Phase three has pupils from Years 2, 3, 4, & 5 in and is made up of Willow, Elm and Sycamore. The majority of our Year 5 and 6 pupils are in Phase 4 in either Beech, Yew or Maple class.

The school has been through significant changes over the last 5 years. In September 2009 the former Infant and Junior schools became one primary school and the school had a significant amount of refurbishment and improvement works carried out. In September 2013 the school was the second primary school in Shropshire to become an academy. We are now part of Shrewsbury Academies Trust along with Grange and Sundorne Secondary schools (now known as Shrewsbury Academy). The principal of the trust is Mr. Geoff Pettengell. These are exciting times for us and we are enjoying working more closely with the secondary schools, particularly Grange which we can now access directly. Pupils in Year 5 have enjoyed cookery and dance lessons delivered by secondary teachers this year.

We pride ourselves on having an excellent level of pastoral support in school. We offer a nurture group and have 3 trained learning mentors who deliver a range of programmes to support individuals and groups of children. We strongly believe that children learn best if they are happy and engaged in their learning. This year all of our teachers have attended training in Kagan Cooperative Learning and are now skilled in getting pupils to work collaboratively in a way that moves all pupils on.

We have a thematic approach to the curriculum and try to make links between subjects wherever possible. Some of the topics covered include 'Through the Looking Glass', 'Life Below Stairs' and 'Spies and Gadgets'. We are currently reviewing the topics to ensure that they meet the requirements of the new curriculum. Pupils in Years 1-6 learn Italian and pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have regular Forest School sessions. We have a specialist music teacher in school and make use of sports coaches too.

We encourage parents to be actively involved in their child's learning. All pupils are set weekly homework and also are expected to read regularly and learn number facts, phonics and spelling patterns. We also set online homework on Education City. We offer IMPACT workshops twice a year which aim to help parents to understand how best to support their child at home. We have a number of parent volunteers in school and always welcome any new ones. We also hold events throughout the year for families such as Easter bingo and Summer and Christmas Fairs.

Please have a good look through our pages whether you are a child or parent of a child already attending our school or you are considering sending your child here. We are very proud of the achievements of all of our pupils. We hope that the information and photos on this website give you a real flavour of the vibrant and happy school that we are!

Mrs C. Summers

Head of School