Ms. Williams is a fully trained and qualified Parent Support Worker. This means that she is able to support parents with any issues that may arise in school, concerns over attendance, transition to secondary, behaviour at school or at home etc. If you feel she may be able to help, you may find her out on the playground before school or pop in to the office to request a meeting with her.  We also have two more learning mentors working in school.

Supporting children emotionally. 

At the Grange all children’s emotional wellbeing is of paramount importance to us all. After all a happy child makes a better learner!

The school has over twenty caring and highly skilled Teaching Assistants and three Learning Mentors.

The Mentors are based in the two different Key Stages and are trained specifically to deal with a wide range of emotional and behavioural problems which unfortunately can arise at any time.

The Mentors main aim is to help and support through difficult times        (both at school and at home) and therefore hopefully allowing the removal of any barriers to their learning.

Over the last three years the school has been lucky enough to be part of ‘The TAMHS Project’ (Targeting Mental Health In Schools) which has given us the opportunity to access training, support and funding. 

Work is very often done within a group, these groups can cover issues such as:

  • Anger management
  • Self-esteem  (The Self- esteem Garden is a programme where the children are shown how to grow their own self-esteem)
  • Social skills – individual or group
  • Bereavement and change  (Seasons For Growth, an 8 week programme ,supporting the child through the process of various types of change they may have been through in their lives)
  • Talk Works (This is run by an outside mediation agency)

 Some of the mentoring in the school is done as a one-2-one, so the children then have the opportunity to share and work through any problems or issues they might have. 

Reach ForThe Top is a six week individual programme for children dealing with attachment disorders and other problems.

The scene is set as a jungle theme and the children are invited onto the programme which explores relationships, achievement and self-esteem. Tasks are given to the child to carry out at home with a parent and on the last week either Mum or dad are invited in to share the child’s achievements.

 Also, if a child is feeling a little vulnerable or needs some help during play or lunch time and would prefer to ask another child, we have a team of Year 6 Peer Mentors who have been selected and trained to provide help and support for the children in and around the school. The Mentors are out on the playground during both break and lunch time and are good at suggesting games and finding children friends to play with if they are feeling left out.

 At lunch time we are now running a club which allows children to be able to enjoy their lunch break in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere whilst being supported by staff in the improvement of their social skills.

The children usually attend this for a term or sometimes this can be longer.

 As in line with our school policy and if you’re at all worried about your child and feel you would like to discuss the matter with somebody then please feel free to contact school and we will do all we can to help.

Below are some examples of support offered where needed