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  • ParentPay-ALL parents
    Every single person in school should now be registered on ParentPay. If you have any issues with it please feel free to call in at the office as we are only too happy to help you with this.
  • Book Fair
    Books will be on sale in the school hall from the afternoon of Thurs 4th April until Wed 10th April. Available from 8.30 - 9 am Fri - Weds and also 3.15 - 3.30 pm Thurs-Weds. Each class will get a slot to view the books at some point during that week.
  • Parental Controls for Social Media sites
    Instructions to add parental controls are available on our Safer Internet page. YouTube Facebook Whatsapp Instagram Snapchat and XBox One or PS4
  • Breakfast Club
    Is open to everyone, no need to book.