Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is held in the Linc building. (Demountable)

Children can come from 8 a.m. and should not be anywhere on the school site before then.

£2 per child unless in receipt of free school meals which is £1.

We have a range of cereals and apple juice, orange juice, water or milk to drink.  Toast is also available with or without butter.

We offer a range of play equipment and activities.

At 8.45 a.m. the children are taken into their classes to start their day.

We are very lucky to be included on Shrewsbury Food Hub's list of places they donate food to. This means that volunteers collect surplus food from Marks and Spencer and deliver it to places that can use it. Other places they deliver to include The Ark, The Hospice, The Food Bank and some other school breakfast clubs.