Sports Day 19 Year 6 Performance
World Book Day 19 Cross Country Race for Life Year Six Performance
Harvest Festival Halloween Pumpkins Richard Frostick Arthog Feb 19
Prestfelde Games Sports Day Year Six performance Exhibition

Belvidere Concert


Royal Wedding Celebrations Food Festival Phase 3 River Trip
Nativity World Book Day 18 Mother's Day Event Sport Relief 18
KS2 Sports 17

Year Six 2017

Richard Frostick Workshop Arthog 17
Home Farm Father's Day  School Games Day Summer Fayre 2017
Nativity 2016 Craft day for Mum Kidsfest Recorder Workshop
Halloween Disco Sportsability

Aboriginal Workshop 

Christmas Lunch

A poem


Mr Brown

Phase 3 Aeroplane food Music Finale July 16


Arthog Sept 2016





Grange Has

Got Talent

KS2 Sports Day 16

Year 6


Crucial Crew Circus Skills Cosford Phase 3

Food Festival


Royal Air Force Museum Logo

Royal Air Force Museum Logo 

Seize the day Arts Week  Phase 3 Performance  Cosford May 16 
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 Nativity 2015 *updated* Arthog 2016  Solo Singing 15/16 Around School 
Summer Fair 15  Infant Sports Day Old Vicarage 2015  Wroxeter
 Rays Farm  Rays Farm 2 Superhero Day   Junior Sports day 15

Wet stuff

Arthog 15 

On dry land

Arthog 15

Chirk Castle   Keystrings 15
Phase 3 Performance March 2015  Eclipse   Think Tank 2015  Nativity 2014


Our Makaton Club children gave an assembly with an amazing performance of what they have learned so far.

Oct 13   Volunteers from the Princes Trust have been in to school to paint a lot of our sheds and fences.

A huge thank you to them.  We are looking forward to them coming back early next year.


Find out more about the Princes Trust and what they do by clicking the link below